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tv   Senators React to Briefing on Comey Firing  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 3:23pm-3:26pm EDT

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about. i've got to go. >> thank you very much. >> senator lindsey graham updating reporters on some of the things, some of the comments that were made inside the briefing room that had all 100 senators as the updated on various items before president trump, the rush investigation. and this was of course held by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein answering some the questions put to them, put to him by members of the senate. deputy attorney general rosenstein talking about the rush investigation. of course the president firing
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of fbi director james comey who is looking to president trump's ties to russia and the connection of former national security adviser michael flynn. earlier today, by the way, the ap reporting mr. flynn's would not respond to a subpoena to answer questions before congress next week. that report was later pulled back. "the associated press" also reporting former cia director john brennan will appear before the house intelligence committee next week to answer questions. about allegations of russia's meddling into the presidential election. the committee announcing mr. brennan will appear tuesday at the open session. hassan senate intelligence committee is looking into russian interference in masters election as well as any coordination that trump officials may have had with russian officials. president trump meeting with the colombian president this afternoon. the two will be holding a joint briefing in about 20 minutes. we're planning live coverage here on c-span2.
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[inaudible conversations] >> while we wait for the joint discomfort will go back now to the center for american progress conference from earlier this week. >> just how hard she is fighting to protect you know. there's don't i would rather l have in her role leading the fight. joining nancy to the stage will be neera tanden who will lead the conversation. [applause] [inaudible] >> good morning. speak back like to capital from hear from senator claire mccaskill.


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